TSV Landsberg promoted to Bayernliga

It's done! With a 2-1 away win at SV Egg at the Günz TSV Landsberg has made the immediate resurgence in the football Bayern league south. Two games to go, the Landsbergers con no longer be displaced from the first place in the Landesliga and will be back in the Bayernliga Süd  after just one year in the second highest Bavarian league. Reason enough for an exuberant promotion ceremony afterwards.

Player-coach Muriz Salemovic said his teammates had a "superb" performance throughout the season right after the hard-fought game on the pitch in Egg an der Günz. "Although the injury pitch has hit us hard and some have been out for a long time, the others have caught up impressively and we have achieved something that we can be proud of, and that will probably only become clear to us in the coming days."

Outstanding 79 points hast he TSV Landsberg now, thus almost 2.5 points per game, only 3 of 32 games have been lost so far. For Salemovic after the hard-fought victory in Egg no reason to back seat: "We crack the 80 points, too." It was anyway due only to the extremely persistent pursuers Türkspor Augsburg, that one could not celebrate the promotion weeks ago. Now, however, Türkspor made even a slip-up in the home game against Memmingen (1: 3), so that the TSV goes with 11 points ahead in the (meaningless) last two games.

In Egg Landsberg showed however from the beginning that one did not want to rely on others  in order to retract the last still necessary point. Landsberg got stronger with every passing minute, but the hosts were very dedicated, but eventually had to bow to the TSV's bigger playful class. Siegwart with a long-range shot and Meichelböck made after an hour already clear conditions, the first goal for Egg five minutes from time had no effect.

In the brand new promotion T-shirts, the deserved party started on the bus on the way home and was then continued in several Landsberger locations

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Auch in diesem Jahr unterstützt die 3C-Carbon Group AG das Mehrgenerationenhaus der Landsberger AWO wieder mit einer Geldspende, insgesamt bereits im neunten Jahr. Im Vergleich zu den Vorjahren wurde die Summer diesmal sogar auf 20.000 Euro erhöht.

Die 3C-Carbon Group unterstützt die ehrenamtliche Rettungsarbeit vor Ort und greift der Rettungshunde-Staffel der Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Landsberg mit einer Geldspende und Bereitstellung der örtlichen Logistik unter die Arme.